Do This To Keep The Creative Juices Flowing

Every artist has experienced the feeling of not being able to create anything. It’s the worst, isn’t it? We sit there for hours on end trying to come up with an idea or inspiration- and nothing happens. This is how we get stuck in a creative block. But don’t worry! These tips can help you […]

The Most Asked Questions About Pricing Your Services As A Freelance Designer

how to price services as a freelance designer

The freelance design business is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Designers are often able to have much more flexibility in their careers than they would if they were working in a traditional office setting. This also means that there are many opportunities available – but most new freelancers get stuck at the most […]

Top 10 Visual Designers in Atlanta

top designers in atl

The latest rumors emanating from the House of the Raging Bull say that Lamborghini is planning another million-dollar, ultra-exclusive supercar. Lambo is tipped to bring it to Pebble Beach next month, but it won’t be showing it to the general public. Lamborghini has a proud recent history of turning its flagship supercars into something even […]

Here’s Why Every Small Business Owner Needs a UX Designer on Their Team

ux designer

If you own a business, you know that there are many things to think about. One of the most important is the design of your website. The user experience (UX) design is something that should be taken into consideration before anything else because it affects how your customers will see your company and interact with […]

The Perfect Recipe for A Brag Worthy UX Design Case Study

In the competitive world of UX, job-seeking designers need to find ways to stand out from competitors. It can be difficult to differentiate a design portfolio with a resumé when you are competing against other designers for jobs. Here’s what you need to think about as you prepare your resumé and portfolio. Engaging UX Case […]