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What is Self-Discovery?

So, as I am getting into the wave of my new station on Anchor… I figured it would be cool (and smart) to come up with focal topics and I chose Art, Business, and Self-Discovery to sum up what I will be ranting about. (for now).

Art and Business are pretty self-explanatory , so I figured I’d break down Self-Discovery for folks who might not really get it.

Self-Discovery is so important to me. It’s the bread and butter to my existence. It’s asking questions and seeking Truth. It’s making mistakes and learning from them. It’s reading books and trying new techniques. It’s getting in tune with your mental awareness, emotions, and actions. It’s doing things scared and making moves even when you don’t have it quite figured out. In order to discover Self, I use tools like meditation, intuition, synchronicity, and numerology.

Merriam-Webster defines self-discovery as “the act or process of gaining knowledge or understanding of your abilities, character, and feelings.”

Understanding who you are and discovering your life’s purpose is one of the most empowering accomplishments you can achieve. I sort of started this journey in 2013. I “woke up” and realized that it was my responsibility to shape and mold my life the way I wanted it to be. It started with The Secret and the Law of Attraction. I began to change my diet. I began to change my mindset and my attitude. I learned so much about my abilities, character, and purpose! I want to be able to share that journey with anyone who is aligned with desire to improve their life.

I discovered myself most through art. I recently found myself unhappy with what I was doing everyday, and I later discovered that I was in the wrong position to express my passion. After graduating college, I realized I was an artist in the truest meaning of the word and that’s where I found my freedom. I dug deep and asked questions and that answer landed me here, with Planet Fancy, and I’m excited for this new chapter.


Continue to keep going! Self-Discovery is a never ending process and you must allow room to unlearn and re-learn constantly.

I love you all and stay tuned for more growth.



Joslyn Pickens a.k.a (artistically known as) "FancyJ" is a recent graduate of Georgia State University, currently practicing art and entrepreneurship. Joslyn leads conversation in Art & Design, Business, Millennial Trends, Visual Branding, Self-Discovery & Inspiration, Holistic Health, & Feminism.

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