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What I Learned From Tony Robbins And Gary Vee

When you leave an event with Tony Robbins and Gary Vee, you don’t go back home and be “normal.” You go back home and you dominate!!

I had the pleasure of manifesting tickets to the Wealth & Achievement Summit this June 2017 and it was really lit! I consume Gary Vaynerchuk’s content like a cold drink on a hot summer day! I learned one thing from him that day and that was NOW IS THE TIME. Now is the time to START!

I love Gary’s insight on how much the internet and social media apps are impacting our lives and can positively impact our business if we use it intentionally. I feel it down to my core when he speaks on this topic with such passion. I remember how my journey all started with Myspace. Teaching myself code to build myspace layouts led me into the business side of the internet early on at a young age. I was learning how to build websites but also how to make money from them. I have been keeping up ever since! Over the years, while in school, I’ve been researching all the internet and social media trends and staying up to date with where virtual reality is headed. So, I gotta say, Gary Vee is right! NOW is the time to take advantage of this PEEK that we are in with social media apps right now. Times like these are golden but they come and go very fast.

As a millennial, I also gain a greater sense of time thanks to Gary. Patience is a great part of the game. This isn’t a race and us millennials should try to remember that on a daily basis.

Just keep going and put in the work.

Which leads me to my new found love and appreciation for Tony Robbins!!! I honestly had no idea how much of an amazing person Tony was until the conference. His message on ENERGY really is inspiring and effective! I learned that in order to get into the HABIT OF TAKING ACTION, you have to train yourself to MOVE accordingly.

You have to train yourself to be “pumped” and “lifted” because magically when your body corresponds with your desired feelings, that’s when it becomes real.

He’s saying, if you want to change your shitty mood into a positive one, don’t just sit there! Get up and MOVE! Get up and literally MOVE like you are happy. BREATHE like you are happy! Get in the rhythm and motion that corresponds with Happiness. We experienced this truth multiple times as he encouraged us to get up and move and feel the energy of the essence we seek. I really appreciated this simple, yet often overlooked wisdom.

I’m going to do my best to cherish the gems I took away from this event with the National Achievers Congress. If you ever have a chance to attend an event like this, I highly recommend it. The energy just doesn’t compare to watching it on the Gram.

So, just remember two things: Start Now & Get Moving!

I love you all who take the time out to read the content here on the blog.

Stay tuned friends! | anchor.fm/planetfancy

Joslyn Pickens a.k.a (artistically known as) "FancyJ" is a recent graduate of Georgia State University, currently practicing art and entrepreneurship. Joslyn leads conversation in Art & Design, Business, Millennial Trends, Visual Branding, Self-Discovery & Inspiration, Holistic Health, & Feminism.

  • Johnna July 9, 2017 12:14 am

    Wow! What an amazing post! I loved every bit! You’re getting so much better with your writing!

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