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How Millennials Are Breaking The Habit of Mastering One Thing

This is a HUGE topic for me. I opened up about this, making it the first episode of my new station on the Anchor app.

We’ve always been told to master the art of one thing. And I get it, trust me. But, I believe the struggle in doing so is big for a lot of millennials and the new perspective into the thought is that:

it’s okay to break that rule.

Being an artist slash creative entrepreneur, I can honestly say I have been crippled by the idea that it would be wise to choose just ONE of my passions. With all of the technological advances, my point is that we can achieve so much more than before in a shorter amount of time. Plus, virtual worlds have changed the game completely on what’s possible nowadays.

I grew up with the internet at my fingertips. The bond I have with the internet and virtual worlds is unbreakable.

My perspective on what is possible is beyond a lot of “old heads” who preach the value in mastering one thing. But … But … I will say … I get it. I understand. So, I sat and thought if I honestly had to choose one passion and one title, what would it be?

Art. I would choose art and I would be an artist. (If I had to be stuck with one title.) So, there. That’s that.

But then it just turns into more art for me.

The Art of Entrepreneurship, The Art of Patience (Yes, I’ve mastered that), The Art of Meditation, The Art of Herbal Teas, The Art of Being a Woman, The Art of Failing (cause I do it a lot), The Art of Social Media, The Art of Self-Care, The Art of Figuring Shit Out (definitely mastered that…)

See what I did there? lol

So, if you had to master one thing, what would it be?

Ponder on that friends.

Joslyn Pickens a.k.a (artistically known as) "FancyJ" is a recent graduate of Georgia State University, currently practicing art and entrepreneurship. Joslyn leads conversation in Art & Design, Business, Millennial Trends, Visual Branding, Self-Discovery & Inspiration, Holistic Health, & Feminism.

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